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The Bike Dress is pretty rad.


Fun. Versatile. Classic.

The Bike Dress is a simple and adaptable clothing item that transitions easily between a comfortable commute and a fashionable lifestyle. 

Being a couple of stylish ladies, we always have the desire to look good no matter what we’re doing. Whether that's riding a bike in a dress to happy hour with friends, wearing a skirt to stay cool during a music festival, or rocking a jumpsuit and platform shoes at a club, we realized that our passion for fun (and sport) conflicted with our love of fashion. The places we go and things we do every day are active, so we want comfort and style to work together at all times.

We realized our problems had a pattern:

We never want to carry a purse when we boogie.
We tried to fit all of our personal items in our teeny-tiny jean pockets when going out dancing or to a concert, when they weren't already sewn shut of course. When we were wearing a dress, we shoved our money and ID's in our bra. (Our apologies to all the sweaty boob-money - aka "sparkle money" - we handed to bartenders over the years).

We don't like flashing people when riding a bike.
Really, it's for the sake of others as well as our own modesty, but we started wearing shorts underneath our skirts and dresses when riding a bike to get from place to place. Although riding a bike in a skirt is magical and freeing, we don't want to just showcase our lady-goods to the world.

We want to accessorize.
We would rather stick to simple, classic clothing designs that can be worn anywhere, anytime. This also means we can style our clothes depending on the occasion or mood with big earrings, dangly necklaces, slouchy sweaters, and colorful scarves. Ooo - or a hot pink fanny pack with speakers built right in!

We want our stuff to last through a gajillion wears.
When we fall in love with a clothing item, we'll wear it until it dies. We'll wear holes in the seat of our favorite jeans from riding a bike all summer, we'll scuff the heels off our shoes and glue them right back on again, and we'll attempt (poorly) to sew the hem back on our favorite skirt. We'll wear that item until it has so many holes and rips that it grows legs and arms and goes to the backyard and tries to dig its own grave so that we'll stop wearing it.

After years of finding creative ways to make clothing work for us, searching for ways to carry all of our stuff, and trying to coordinate everything into a fashionable outfit, we decided it was time to make something new. We spent over a year designing and tweaking a dress that would fit all of our needs across every aspect of our lives.

And thus, The Bike Dress was born!


— Beth's girlfriends

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