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About Us 



What’s up, nerds? We’re Amber and Beth! We are two (of three) sisters, and have been cycling enthusiasts for years. We ride our bikes as a means to fit in exercise, avoid traffic, always have the best parking spot, and just have fun. We have always had one problem though: when urban biking all the time, how could we look put-together and fashionable while at the same time feeling comfortable in what we're wearing?

We created The Bike Dress with these ideas in mind.

The Bike Dress is a healthy and happy marriage of fashion and function. It’s our way of mashing cycling clothing and minimalistic style together into one beautiful and multi-functional baby. A big, bouncing baby made up of fabric and invisible pockets and all kinds of other fabulous features. This analogy is terrible. Moving on.

With Amber coming from New York City and Beth coming from Denver, Colorado, we joined forces in Portland, Oregon to create our bike dress baby. The Bike Dress is an idea created from the desire to have one article of clothing that easily transitions to all different facets of life, and that will suit many different shapes, ages, and lifestyles.

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Amber has a background in theater and dance, and eats all noodles with chopsticks. She's addicted to fancy tea, loves to swing dance, and finds hilarity in pugs dressed up as different foods. Her favorite reasons for biking: to have some time to herself before her day begins, and getting in that added exercise.



Beth has a background in photography, design, and writing, and loves when sushi comes in the form of a burrito. She adores horror-comedy films, belting out Jackson 5 tunes at karaoke, and camping. Her favorite reasons for biking: exploring the side streets of different cities, and late night rides with her friends.