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Why The Bike Dress Rocks


Why should you get yo' self the bike dress?

Basically, The Bike Dress is awesome.

We longed for a dress that would merge fashion with function, and The Bike Dress became our perfect solution. It easily transitions with your day, from your commute, to a business meeting, to an impromptu happy hour, to your friend’s art gallery opening. It lets you ride to that weekend music festival and dance your face off without having to worry about circling around your purse all night.

    Why The Bike Dress rocks so hard:

    • Simple design.
      We intentionally keep The Bike Dress simple so you can accessorize to fit your wild side, or class it up for a Boss Lady meeting. Instructional videos coming soon.

    • Pockets.
      Yep, you heard that right. Each dress is fitted with three invisible pockets, so you don’t have to carry a purse or bag.

    • Dry All. Damn. Day.
      Made out of breathable wicking fabric, and flexible components that allow for plenty of movement, you’ll stay dry and comfortable. And oh-so sassy.

    • Cleans like a dream.
      The Bike Dress is easy to wash and wear all over again, and doesn’t wrinkle. Ironing is so 1960.

    • Weighted hem.
      Feeling breezy? The weighted hem helps The Bike Dress stay put.
    • Safety first!
      Each dress comes with a pair of Safety Shorts to wear underneath that give added confidence. Oh, and they have a pocket too. WE LOVE POCKETS.

    • Extra protection.
      Our Safety Shorts provide a layer of protection between thighs during warm summer months to avoid chafing or heat rash.

    • Minimalist.
      The Bike Dress supports a minimalist lifestyle by using one article of clothing to transition easily between different activities and daily tasks.

    • High quality.
      We do everything we can to make the highest quality clothing items while keeping them reasonably priced. It’s important to have standards, but you still gotta have money to go buy nachos. Mmmm… nachos